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"Nantong Leveltech Equipment Co.,LTD" is a professional factory and manufacture of Wooden Acoustic Panels,Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panels,Wood Wool Acoustic Panels,Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels,3D MDF Wall Panels,MDF Grille Panels,MDFslatwallpanels for wall and ceiling decoration.

Due to sound will creating echo and reverberation when crash wall and ceiling.So,we need use artist acoustic treatment panel decoration to reduce room noisy and make life more splendid.

Designed to reduce sound noise across a range of frequencies and make interior decoration delightful and more art feeling.To provide you sweet dreams when sleeping.

Widely used for auditoriums,home theater, cinema, museums, hotel, restaurant, offices ,reception room ,conference rooms and so on, that very noisy and top grade place. Increase speech and sound quality in many applications.

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